Restaurants & Bars
Restaurants & Bars

Main Restaurant: Breakfast and dinner are served here with a panoramic view of the bay below. The breakfast buffet offers a great selection of dishes including a “live well” section. For dinner you’ll find a selection of salads, warm Cretan dishes and desserts served buffet-style, while the soup and main course are served at the table. Selected menus for children and vegetarians are also available.

“Finikas”(Palm tree) Pool-Bistro: Delicious dishes inspired by both Greek as well as International cuisine are served here. The specials consist of light snacks, cool salads and pasta dishes. For desert ice-cream and a variety of sweets!

“Kohili” (Sea shell) Beach Bar: Open day and night so you can enjoy refreshing juices and cool cocktails by the sea.

“Votsalo”(Pebble) Taverna and Bar on the Beach: Open for lunch, this restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes: from light snacks to three course meals. The choice is yours!

“Meltemi” (Summer Wind) A La Carte Beach Restaurant: Meltemi opens for dinner. It offers haute cuisine, selected delicacies at reasonable prices. There is live music 4 times a week and dancing once a week. Don’t miss the chance to try one of the special gastronomical menus available on theme nights. The lobster night and the fish night are a must!

“Delfini”(Dolphin) Main Bar: A magnificent view of Mirabello bay and a moonlit veranda that will take your breath away. This is undoubtedly one of the Hotel’s most popular spots!

Theme Nights: Every week a beach BBQ with music and dancing is held. Cocktail parties, receptions, galas and so on are a few of the other successful events organized by our gastronomical team.



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